Thursday, October 16, 2014

I got good news and bad news...

The good news is, I'm finally working on my debut retail album. It sounds amazing so far. Everyone is excited about it.

The bad news is, no more free music. Odds are, ever. No loopholes. Which means, Vampire Sunlight might be the last free release, and The Evil Microchip will not drop.

Not even on YouTube.

Sorry, Markus.

But a major thank you is in order for everyone who's helped me this far. Everyone from Boe and Dre to Jimmy Iovine. All the graphic designers who have made covers, all the fans who uploaded my music, everyone. Thank you.

My digital revolution has taken the Galaxy by storm, and I'm proud of it. It's just time to take things to a higher level. Hopefully, yall will support me.

I'm not gonna throw the fact you've heard all my secrets for free in your face. But honestly, I would personally appreciate it if you went out and supported whatever I put in stores.

More news to come, but once again, no free music indefinitely. Hold your head, kids...

I'll be around...

St8ch: The Satisfactory Drip

See that? (lol inside)

That's the official title of my new project. It's me basically letting the SEGA GALAXY know how life has been for me since finding out I'm not Sonic, dying, ressurecting, and moving on from being Sonic.

Certain ladies will understand "The Satisfactory Drip", and probably smiled when they saw the title. Not for nothing, you can thank SEGA for your very own Satisfactory Drip.

ESPECIALLY AJ Lee from WWE. Man, I'm so glad you're dripping.

To drip also means to do acid, which is just how trippy this album sounds.

I haven't dripped in a while. I'm not really missing anything.

Though it's easy to hate him sometimes, my uncle Jeff has SWAG. I caught him off balance though... Lol

I've been getting nothing but good reviews on "Columbine, Ohio". Thank you. Haven't seen the video yet, but I'll post all the videos I've missed in a day or two.

Session tonight. Then I'm gonna take another break. Then I'm gonna come back doper. Yall know.

I'll be around.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tomorrow and the ring leaders!!!

Tomorrow is a huge day for me. Everyone is excited, and I'm most excited, because the music industry gets to meet my family! In celebration, I might let you guys hear something else off Forbidden Sunday.

"Columbine, Ohio"

It's a great song. 

Also, unrelated, the video for "Ghosts" is amazing. Shouts to Markus at HamilVision for another surreal clip for my surreal music. I'll post it on here tomorrow.

When you run out of data, ya know... Lol

This champagne has taken me pretty far into tonight, so I guess I'll just watch whatever is left of the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Shouts to Murda Mook for his absolute blackout. That's kinda how Harlem does it, ya know? 

We don't know when or how to stop.

Lol welp, I missed the rest of the awards, so it's back to making beats and getting ready for the Corporate ReHamiltonization of YOU ALL.

The top row is the chops. I get down.

I'll be around.

Monday, October 13, 2014

There's a place for us...

I started putting beats together for a new album. The thing is, it's gonna be another in a popular series of music from me. 

Before I go into detail, SKE RIPPED "From Dusk Till Dawn" on Vampire Sunlight. It was just great to have him on the album. That album was an awakening album, and SK woke me up to freestyling songs. Dude is great.

But yeah. Lately, I've been working on St8ch. Developing it fully. As always.

I'll be around...

Sunday, October 12, 2014


1) I can change a sample into the instrument of my choosing.

2) I can upload videos on Instagram.

One of these skills will take me far in life. The other requires universal worship to explain. Then again, the skill that requires the universe to worship me is only for those who understand music. Essentially, it's virtually impossible to explain.

It just takes a LOT of faith to witness and maintain.

I thank GarageBand for even opening the door to the possibility. But I'm able to do it on several programs, and even on an MPC when the lights are right (lol).

This is the first time I've worn a stocking cap to bed in a while. I feel like a 90s rapper. Waves and a stocking cap. Pretty official.

Okay. Look. Here. Ebola isn't something to comment about. It can end your life, and fast. Don't make fun of anyone who MIGHT contract it. Iggy kinda spazzed on some photographer, telling him she wishes he catches Ebola and dies. It sounds funny, but that's some cold hearted shit to wish on someone.

Still funny tho.

These is a reason I leave so much space in my blog entries. One day you'll find  out. Hopefully soon enough, because there is so much more to be said about the black of the background.

And Sleepy Brown.

I'll be around...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Catch me on Instagram

IG: duke13bdz
Twitter: duke13bdz

I'm working on my career-defining song. No leaks until it's time. All I can say is, it pays to know music theory when you talk about me.


You can legitimately Shmoney Dance to "The Kids!", off Man of the House from earlier this year.

I shouldn't have blessed yall this much this year. So much more to come.

I'll be around.

Allow me to be the first to say...

Welcome to the most interesting cuffing season EVER. 

Choose wisely.

I'll be around...


This whole week has just been awesome. Got some good news from overseas, a few new albums to flirt with, and I finally want to go on record and say something positive about Jay-Z.

Jay-Z is a bumbaclot genius!!!

Now that I finally understand his movement (which includes his music and personal life) I think he's unparalleled and deserving of acclaim. It kinda makes me feel bad about throwing darts, especially since he's coming from a genuine place, no pun intended. 

I feel bad for anyone who's battled him.

Also on my bumbaclot list (for overlooking genius) is Nicki Minaj. She's dangerously smart, and beautiful, thus making her an international terrorist (in capability) of sorts. She's too beautiful to be trusted, so just deal with songs like "Anaconda". I wonder if I'm the only guy who gets jealous when she talks about other guys.

We already know Bey is a genius, so she's not on my "Bumbaclot!" list.

A few moments ago, I was watching this Kanye marathon on MTV Hits. Visually, the songs were great. But visuals aren't the only aspect of art. Especially when the primary art is music. That's why I'm so happy to have Markus on board, making these awesome videos for my vaulted music.

I have a favorite artist. Other than J Dilla. And all you can do is hope he blows up, to find out who he is. Totally a kingpin, this guy is. More than just hip-hop, but awesomely one of the greatest underground rappers ever. 

On the mic, though totally different, he's better than SKE. And that's not an easy sell for me.

Nope. Not saying his name. 

But this dude can make you sigh in the key of "Bumbaclot!"

From under my blanket.

Hi ladies! (so much love, I become a bugaboo)

I'll be around...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Post-it's and barbed wire

What the hell was I so paranoid about again? I was just trippin HEAVY about something not too long ago. Oh. I remember. I'll just defend myself if such time comes.


I'm sorta done with Newport for now. It tastes like false hope. I prefer weed over anything smokable, but for now I'm gonna stick with Marlboro. Kids, just don't get into cigarettes at all. Or drugs. My family is on my back about using anything, as they should be. So yeah. Abuse bottled water, if you want to feel addicted to something.

I say this, feeling guilty about how my influence has been in recent months. A lot of people are going Gothic. Just remember that once you choose to go Gothic, you are responsible for your own actions. And keep in mind that there are people who bring justice, be it street justice or moral justice.

I think I like being recognized in the street. It's very subtle, but still, the reaction is priceless. I'm getting fat though. I'm self-conscious about it. I might just start going to the gym. I can feel myself getting lazier. 

I think "Fill the Well" said a lot of the things I would need to say to the world. Everyone wants the void in their life to be filled. Or is it just me? Doesn't it seem like something is missing?

I'll be around...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Post-apocalyptic regular life

A lot of people are wondering what to do with their life in this day and age. New York, though historically wealthy, is getting too expensive to live, which is ironic because of how poor it's getting. It's getting harder to find work, especially for musicians. I would go back to modeling, but that's more cutthroat than hip-hop. 

Everyone in hip-hop is a damn model.

Nice pics, btw Nicki.

There's nothing you can do. Change is imminent, but not for the people. And certainly not for the poor. This is the time to become more of a people person, much to the dismay of my loner fans. No disrespect. But yeah. Degeneration is all media is talking about and representing. The steady decline in maintainence of the status quo.

But we don't even want to live the American Dream of picket fences. Says the people who smoke weed. It's about filling the well of emptiness, left void by something one cannot trigger.

Something I want to develop on later.

I'll be around...

To my abundant Christian fans.

I thank you for listening. I must warn you though that my music has gotten darker.

Find the truth for yourself. Just know that there's a lot of truth in my music.

Spiritual truth.

I have one Christian young girl who's a big fan and keeps poking me on Facebook. I'm keeping my wolf claws to myself, but still. I'm humbled someone so young and devoted to God is listening.

Hey. To be honest, just pray for a 6er. A lot of things are confusing to me, seeing as how I have the answers, and my unanswered questions are too taboo to be asked. Regardless, I'm someone you can count on to keep it real with you.

Thanks for reading.

I'll be around.

How I hate creative blocks.

I'm listening to Iconoclast, and... I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little perplexed. It's mixed extremely well, and I know the response will be positive, but I'm used to a more technical mix. I might just be used to more rigid mix. Or, I'm not used to the mix yet. The few people that have heard it are crazy about it. 

That's good.

I had one of the worst episodes of writer's block the other day. IN THE STUDIO. Shit. Just gotta keep my mind pretty clear. These anti-depressants don't help any. I switched my style kinda drastically. I still like it, but I do miss my older style. 

Do I miss writing? I don't know yet. I'm still finding my rhythm.

"I just need one more chance to believe..."
-Charles Hamilton, "Pleading My Case"

I wonder if Stevie Wnder can read sheet music. I heard there's sheet music in Braille.

I missed wrestling last night. Not that it's been super-exciting. Life in general has been very boring since 2012. I think the world might've ended. Well, if nothing is around and you're still reading, we're alright.


I'll be around...

Sunday, October 5, 2014


"Post-Prenup what woke me up..."

An overall great album. Just sitting here, existing.

I'll be around...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

To write or not to write

I just spent x amount of hours reading the lyrics to songs I freestyled in. All I'm gonna say is, I'm going over your head, and I'm doing now what I wanted to do when I was writing: venting.

To freestyle is a special gift. I'm now up at damn near 5:30 in the morning, honing my gift.

I expect to not hear any complaints about my lyrical ability. Especially when if freestyle. If I even give you the satisfaction of knowing I freestyled. Just remember, I know how to make a mistake on purpose when I freestyle. And I switched my style up about 3 times since 2012. I'm very proud of my music.

I wanna start focusing my style to... wait. Can you even tell where I was influenced by Rick Ross in 2009? I was madly in love with "Deeper Than Rap" when it came out. I spent most of the time (since I hear it) in that particular zone, clarifying things referenced in that album.

I'm about to get back on my Ross grind. Lyrically. And composition wise.

Stay tuned.

I'll be around...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A boring morning

I've been hella bored lately. Granted I've made some new friends, but still. I find myself by myself reminiscing on the old days. Conversations for hours at a time with Howard, smoking with Swiss, hanging out with Sha... just the usual stuff I used to do. Perhaps it all stopped for the better. More money was going out than coming in. And plus, I was growing in a different direction than the people I was hanging out with. Even Sciryl, Halo and Kesed.

It's always a plus to make new friends. I just find that I'm always trying to make me make sense. One plus to that is, people can talk to you about anything. My beliefs have been considered weird, for so long and so publicly, that people feel they can talk to me about anything. At least people are starting to accept my truth.

I hate when people make me regret sharing personal information. Like, using personal info as ammunition. Shit was different when I was looking for battles, but it feels like some people jus want to see me doing bad, based on what I tell them. If the world is rachit, then it makes sense. But you only progress in the world through some sort of sophistication, so I guess I'm expecting a bit of immunity. Plus, I'm Charles Hamilton, damnit! Some things should just come easygoing.

Unless I read the fine print wrong.

There are some new videos, courtesy HamilVision, I'm just waiting until I get word from the label. If the label has their way, there will be no new free music for a while. Ultimately, it's about providing for myself. Since a number of people have talked shit about my connections in the business, I just gotta "win" one time to shut them up. So I'm going for a more musically-centered approach this time.

It could be worth the wait. Just depends on what you've been waiting for.

GOD I need a j right now. Lol some ganja. I used to smoke by myself ALL DAY when I had my house upstate. Lately I'm in groups. Which, to some extent is better, because now I can trip out loud. One advantage to smoking by yourself is, you can trip and no one can stop you. The downside to that is, there's no way of knowing when the trip is over. So I'm thankful for my friends. The few I have.

I started working on another album, called "The Satisfactory Drip". I. Just really like the title, and with my new album format, I can make it work.

Yes, there IS something new I've been doing with my music. It's up to you to figure ut when the change started and what album inspired it.

It's a no-brainer though.

I'll be around...