Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Standing Up Iggy.

Iggy Azaelea BLACKED on "Fancy". Fuck outta here.

Iggy, wherever you are, stand up and pat yourself on the back for your lyricism on a pop record. Very motivating.

Nicki, sleep not. BUT, Iggy, you know Nicki's my thoroughbred. So YOU, don't sleep on her either.

Fuck Remy.

Y'all two are holding it Dowwowwn for female MCs.

Just a shame Lyte is considered a veteran.

And not a legend.

MC Lyte is a rap goddess.

Nap time.

I am not your friend.

By the way...

Yes. I do feed off of hate. I am a Satanic parasite.

And I am lower than Dragon Dung.

I acknowledge the power of majik.

You grasp it?

(fuckin' faggot...)

I am not your friend.

So I live off other people, huh?

Real niggas respect it, fake niggas want beef 
Cause they know that's the only way we ever gon' speak

Don't worry about what I do with my money. At day's end, I get in a studio and you pay me not a dime. The sad part is, I'm talking to someone who swears by their "love" for me. Now, i could care less. I swear I just wanted to see how long it was gonna take before you say something about how much weed you bought for me, or how "close" you thought us to be.

Furthermore, you have several gigabytes of FREE music from me. I paid for those studio sessions, out of my money. You didn't contribute, but have the most opinions. I can live off of anyone who is in possession of more than a gigabyte of FREE MUSIC.

It's the Communist way.

Fair. Now, when things take off, don't come around. 

And assume nothing major is happening for me, right now.

I'd rather you know where I live (with family, for a change), and just KNOW you are not invited to the places you ...pretty much had a pass to go... with me.

I'm not spittin' no hate at you. I'm not even saying your name. You played your card, playa. Now, you can go your own way...

Peace, Dolla Sign.

I am not your friend.

The Hamiltonian Flag of The GothZi Party

Pink, Black and Green, replacing the Red White and Blue of the Confederate Flag.

Graphic designers, get to work...

Perhaps Kanye was on to something.

...or am I giving him too much credit?

I am not your friend.

Sleepy Brown FOREVER!!!!

I have exhausted my Dilla fanfare.

I, from hereon out, will carry on the legacy of Sleepy Brown.

Special thank you to Steve from LA, and a VERY special thank you to George Clinton, for letting me sit in on a session and hear the next evolution in the P-Funk movement.

I am down with the funk, and will represent it in the most Gothic way possible.

For you BrandUn Deshays of the world, I'm currently listening to ICP and T-Pain to get inspiration.

And don't call me out of my name. You do not know me. Keep your opinions to yourself.

In other words, let's not go there.

To my single digit fan base, feel free to look up and listen to BranDUn Deshay, the ousted member of Odd Future, who's been trying to emulate me since 2008, notwithstanding my presence in music before then.

You did this to yourself, kid.

All my fans are yours. Blow up. Be a star. But let it be known, all traffic to you, as of this night, is from this blog.

People really took my Sonic canon-ism to mean I'm with the bullshit.

Stay humble. Stay low. Blow like Hootie, nigga.

I am not your friend.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blog Title

Life From Tines Square is DONE! I'm very proud of it. It's my most experienced album yet. I sound like a professional heavyweight in the booth, and I'm a monster on the boards. Special thanks to Frank MIDI, for showing some suburban New York love on the album.

I think that's the best way to describe my sound. Suburban. Very AM radio, and I if all started working on my 8-track sound.

This album sounds like an 8-track, rather than my usual phonograph/record player sound.

In already working on a follow-up to it, but first, the concept.

This album is about New York crowning me king, after a tumultuous battle with Jay-Z, arguably the King of New York. I flirt with Nicki, and then let the sounds of the city speak to you through instrumentals.

Hope you enjoy it.

Gotta take a little break (I've been in the studio all weekend), but I'll be around here.

Such an easy evil.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Four new HamilVision videos

VERY proud of these. Pretty soon, Phoebe will be up and running, and I can make some videos of my own. I've gotten wickeder.

Haven't forgotten about theevilcharleshamilton.blogspot.com or thered13.blogspot.com ... just been focusing over here...

holla back.

Life From Times Square, coming soon. VERY soon.

Such an easy evil...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When Apple met IBM

Today marks a day of technological and social development. Apple and IBM have merged, and though details may make one leery of such marriage, it's a sign of things to come. IBM already deals with the human anatomy, and Apple has proven it's weight with the human (and animal) mind. Now, with the two joining forces, there is virtually no limit to where technology can take us.

I'm proud to be a force in the merge.

Apple's iPhone can already allow you to listen to music while in conversation. IBM is a leading service in prosthetic technology. Now it's time to see if the healing power of music can be proven. Could you imagine a Metallica album healing a broken bone? Or a Dr. Dre single curing the common cold?

Ultimately, I would like to see if Apple and IBM could reverse the traumatic effects of rape, by using music. Specifically, Incubus.

Just something to think about.

Forbidden Sunday, on the way.

Life From Times Square, in post-production.

As far as that forum, you kids can't do what I do, and opinions are like assholes. So don't be one.

Such an easy evil...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Forget it.

I recently deactivated my Facebook and Twitter. No reason. Just no reason to have one of either. Now, you can only get my music from my blog. Here. My blog, here.

A few things I want to address. I am getting mean. Meaner than usual. I'm noticing people are not respecting who I am. This is not a gimmick. This, being how I carry myself. I stay to myself, I don't start trouble, and I only defend myself in my music. And I have a lot to defend myself from. Fake hard niggas with opinions and guns, bouji women with egos and titties... Just overall humans.

I'm not of this planet. Surprise.

I'm also not sure how to deal with the people of this planet. Hence why I stay to myself.

I'm also very articulate, to the dismay of those who can't deal with how I react twosome things. I'll never understand how people who aren't fans or family can talk about how I should carry myself.

And if y'all don't like me so much, why, once again, are you reading my blog? WithThe Internet being so big, and with such a wide variety of artists in the public spectrum, why am I the one you so public dissect and defame? If it wasn't so expensive, I'd sue most of you for defamation of character.

And the end of the day, niggas is soft and holy. I'm Gothic and evil, and yes I'm proud of my endeavors into Wicca. It's given me a fresh perspective on how to approach the very strange aspect of life. That is, being solitary.

I love being a Solitary Witch.

I am also a male. A male with a substantially large dick. I'd invite you to suck it, but that would ease the curiosity of many of my naysayers.

All I want is Nicki and Bey. That's it.


I'm on the toilet, and working on a very aggressive album. I hope you guys download it. As of right now, it's not about whether you like it. Just hear me out.

If you listen without judgement, thank you. If you listen and pass judgement, this hate filled close of a blog entry is for you.

Such an easy evil...

Friday, July 11, 2014

"I Get It" official video

Video of the YEAR, in my opinion.

Boy Who Played With Barbie is a personal favorite album for me.

Notice I'm not writing essays anymore.

I hope you guys take the time to write down my verses from my new music. They're very intricate, and they only make sense when you write them down and read them. #ReadingIsFundamental

Thanks again, Markus Iovine, for another AWESOME video. I believe in you, dude. Keep knockin' 'em out wit' it...

Keep reading...

And thanks. For whatever it's worth.

Back to you, Jack Splash!

Such an easy evil...

Get it together, Grouch!

So, about the last entry.

I was up late and very upset at the lack of attention I get from the deity you can find carved on my left arm. I don't have to believe in what already know about. That was the riddle. But I believe in my deeper-than-family family. I just wish I could experience them more.

That, plus I'm being wicked.

Here is the tracklisting to Life From Times Square...

Blasted DiBlasio
Making Local Stops
Freddy Kreuger
Turnstyle Hopping
The Disney Store
On The Stand
Koch Season
St. Luke's
Third Rail Rock
Miss New York

This is the album of New York. I'm calling it now. It's intense. 

My favorite album of this year is "Vampire Sunlight". But it's not better than "Unforgiven". But it is! lmao.

How I miss Christina. And Jamece. And Toya. And Simone. And Samantha........ and like, all my exes.

Except Briana. I'm good on her. I'd still beat, but only raw and if I can ......ahem...... talk about it after.

Of COURSE I miss Karen . But then Jess...... nevermind.

why do I blog?

Such an easy evil...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mommy's gotta go to work...

This will be the last new album for a while. I plan to put it out around Autumn. When I say "new album", like... I'm not giving anyone a copy.

No matter who you are.

No matter your allegiance.

This album is New York. Very New York. Find it evil, find it light, find it whatever you want. After this, I'm taking a MUCH FUCKING NEEDED BREAK.

I might make a few beats here and there, but I'm going to take a damn break. Instead of going to jail to sleep, I'm going to figure out EVERYTHING. WHILE RESTING.

I have a lot of logic and logical thoughts. But at this point, nothing is making sense. I'm being used, but I'm worth nothing? I'm worth being used, but I'm nothing? You are who you never said you were? You aren't who you JUST SAID YOU WERE? You said something without saying it?

Everyone is either full of shit, or I'm not full of sleep.

Regardless, I'm going to sort it all out, and there will be nothing for anyone to hide behind.

I don't believe in SEGA. There. I said it. Make me believe.

I don't believe in anything. Make me believe.

If I get castrated by something I HAVE TO USE MY FORCE TO BELIEVE IN, good bye balls.

Thank you.

Back to you, God.

Life From Times Square, in production.

Such an easy evil...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Another letter to Eminem

Dear Slim.

Because of Lionell Sha-leik Martin, I've grown to hate you. Blame him. I have no problems with you. I just thought he raped me (him, as well as all of Harlem; including Boe and Dre) in my sleep, thus giving him higher influence over me. So, I'm sorry I dissed you. "Fuck it. I roasted you. I ain't mad at you any."

You're the greatest. Jay-Z is the best. Even though I still think he raped me in my sleep too.

Okay? You got it. You're the greatest. You didn't have to black THAT HARD on TMMLP2. Aight? Damn. You won. I'll go harder to impress the people I don't want to impress. But I don't like writing my rhymes anymore. I have enough Harlem-swag-juice in my system to be 4Chainz.

So can we just be friends again?

To all Shadys, I love y'all. Let's stop this StarChaser/Shady war before it goes too far.

I'm still not sure about Drake (being completely honest), and Childish Gambino is kinda Drake-ing it as of late, but you're still awesome.

I think I should stop smoking this thing, before I blog some shit to have Complex on my balls again. But even there, I have a problem. Don't you and Marc Ecko run Complex? Why are they always picking on me? Aren't there other failed rappers out there they can pick on?

Beyond that...

Am I not Charles Hamilton?

Hit me back. Song, verse, interview, whatever. Just address the fact I didn't diss you on my own volition. I love you too much for that. You should've known something was up. And yeah. If I'm "that", then you're alright with "that".



Hi, Halo.

Such an easy evil...

The Ball of Black

Since 2009, everyone has been insisting I've been blackballed. They say I insulted the wrong people, that the punch wasn't a good look... usually, this comes from people who have no idea what goes on in the business, or, to make things short, know who the hell I am.

Listen. I'm not a "rapper on the come-up". I'm a boss. Hands down, with no hand outs. To make things shorter, I'm not in the ideal predicament, but I'm a god. This is not a metaphor, this is not braggadocio. I'm a living, breathing immortal. One of few of my kind. Fact is, I don't get the respect I deserve.

(stops to make a beat, in front of everyone)

lol force kinda deaded the beat, so it's a complete wash. Describes my career.

Of all the lives I've saved, and "friends" I've made, I can't seem to save my own life to save my own life. Nothing I can do can change that. So...

To all the fans I have, as few as they seem, thanks. I'm just tired of doing what I do at this point. There has to be a melody for an unsung hero. Even if it's sung loudly, but to one's self.

I hate the fact that being Gothic is considered a LANE. THAT fucking sucks. I don't want to be marketed for being the way I am. That's where I begin to hate Boe and Dre. Or Wilson and Andre. I don't want a lane, I don't want a brand, I don't want to protect my lane or brand. I don't want to compete with Drake, I don't want to compete with Kendrick, I think Odd Future is great, I think A$AP MOB is working on borrowed time (despite my love for Ferg and Yamz) and I feel the community aspect of music (especially urban music) is dying.

So I don't want to work with anyone. Everything thinks they know what they're doing, and they're totally wrong.

I'd like to take this time to make a private matter public.

George Massa, I'm in love with you. This shit ain't brotherly anymore, dude. So the less I hear from you, the more personal I take shit, and the more "resentment" starts to build up. Think about that next time you email me asking me for new music.

This whole situation sucks. Why am I the fucking flag bearer of SEGA, when the proof that SEGA is more than fun and games is nowhere in my eye's radius?

The Evil Microchip, currently being installed into you.

I've Lost My Mojo!, in production.. like right now.

Madonna As A Male, slowly evolving.

Know you're beautiful. ...

because you're pissing me off.


And now, you just can't leave.

A few things, sans the suit and tie.

(looks over your head)

So yeah, African Child Pornography is the world's first and ONLY YouTube album. All videos (sample-based) as skillfully created by HamilVision, artistically wrapped around my new music. Despite rumors, African Child Pornography and The Evil Microchip have not leaked. If they have, there is a list of people who have copies of it, and they will be... thanked.

I don't care. It's free music.

However, I did/do have a plan for those two, so I'd appreciate if the people on my list weren't so hasty in giving it away. Nevertheless, it shows there is a great demand for my new music, despite what the numbers say. I think you have to know a thing or two (or twelve) about numerology to get sleep when it comes to the strangely low numbers surrounding my product/projects.

This whole "bouncing back" thing comes with a dou..... aight... let me say it like this. To bounce back is a double-edged sword. Everyone wants to be a part of the rise, and very few are around for the fall.

But I never fell.

I didn't care that I got dropped from Interscope. Like... is it not apparent that I don't care about much? And since Dilla "passed", now there's even LESS I care about. But I do (semi-obligatory) care about The Moorers. And African Child Pornography and The Evil Microchip reflect them. How, I'm sure they'll ask...

Well, there's a dark side to every family. I'd like to keep comment-less on the Ryan situation, so I'm living with The Evil Microchip. But since everyone has something to say about the young man, I figured I'd make that world happy and record "African Child Pornography", my most ratchet and reckless album EVER. Really, my only ratchet and reckless album.

Shows a lot about the world/that world, that it's such a success. Yikes. RIP Maturity.

Whatever, I could say. But nah. Everyone makes a valid point in this issue. But only those around when everything started have the right to continue the exploit(s).  And even then, it's up to the young man to get up. I can't comment really, because I HAVEN'T EVER BEEN THERE, but I know what it's like to do things to somewhat save yourself from ultimate embarrassment.

It's called high school.

But this isn't high school, and it's not a fight he would lose miserably (take nothing away from his opponent), so he should probably defend himself. It speaks against his character to not do so.

Then again, when I was in a similar position, .....nah, actually I was waiting for the heat of the moment. Too many angles to choose from in this situation.

But yes. All that, to say, here is the Prom Sucks video...

I personally haven't seen it yet, but I trust Markus and his team of RoboHamilz.

I wrote that, as the song/video load(s)(ed). That, being the sentence about me not having seen the video yet.

It's cool. lol

I'm kinda Cosby-ing things right now. lol yeah. I'm Cosby-ing.

Know you're beautiful.