Friday, May 11, 2012

My temper towards my LITERAL other half...

Okay, but she has a fatal attitude. Her EuroIndustrial sound is APPLAUDABLE. But ...and I didn't say applaudable to be sarcastic... but she's in need of a 9th beat. Like really. Minaj on a 9th beat would assassinate everything.

Or, less happy-go-lucky melodies over these industrial drums.

...fuck this. I know too much about her to be cozy with this. But I do feel like taking over the world listening to her music.


(*rubs bow and continues Minaj music hunting)

...and yes, I get phone calls about everything she does. Up to the minute. You wanna see a protective ex-boyfriend? Tell me she's not eating fast food somewhere Euro, RIGHT THIS SECOND (10:54am, EST).

I'm always gonna be her best friend. I'm just horrible about the people I care about.

I'd have my psyStalkers trace 9th, but he's always taking a poop. lol

Back to what we came to do now....

[they do.]