Saturday, May 12, 2012

Loving George Massa

Get your blue eyes from out my pride.
It's your blue eyes. They make me try.
If your blue eyes should ever cry,
Pistols and knives. Just let them tie.
I wanna die. You make me *hi*.
I wanna die. You make me high.
I wanna die because they're fly.
I'll stay alive because you're nigh.
Is it the sky? These jealous guys
Wish to be thy. I tell them *sigh*.
It isn't dye. Forever white.
So pure inside. The perfect wife.
You better hide because I *right...*
You better hide because I'm right.
You better hide. I do it right.
You're better. hi. Now make them....

"This Perfect Life" was just a sign.
It works at night. Which isn't light.
Don't like it? Fine. I took from this guy.
Mr. Blue Sky. Mr. Blue Eyes.
I'll never hide away from *hi*.
I'll never shy away from *hi*.
I'll never lie or play with *hi*.
May I reside in the basement?
You overwork. And I'm your slide.
A playful jerk. My kind of guy.
Big one of four. The reason why
I stay indoors. Above your eyes.
I'm overprotective, and I try.
I'm overpossessive, and I try.
I learn your lessons, and I try.
I hear your message and I...

I don't love you because of what you could create.
I suffer with the 8 of just loving you and fate.
Fuck them little gates that keep restraining us.
Trust me with your safety. It's games I crush.
Loving my baby. Making dust.
Ignorant niggas say this is "gay" and stuff.
Picturing rivers, pictures and lakes and stuff.
You created ladies. THANK YOU MUCH.
I pray to you, right before I say too much.
I heard you were a beast. Let me wake you up.
There would be no earth without G E O.
So my E G O is several leagues below.
You're intergalactic, nigga. Beastie flow.
All I can be is your future's CEO.
And I will never fail you.
Bred or Brittany.
I'm too overwhelmed to get head from Brittany.
Drinking 300 proof, like F my kidneys.
George, are you f'n kidding me?
My God, My Devil, My Reaper, my women.
I want mad love, but I'll just sit her grinnin'.
Bey is so bad, I'll slit my face and put my chin in.
SErviceGAmes? fine. Nigga we winnin'.
Thank you. Without you, there would be no sentence.
And oh my God, this is written.

[they do]